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Sharing with you 37+ years as a Practitioner/ Mentor & Coach

About Melissa Potter

I will help you design an effective daily health regime - for positive changes in your whole life!

HI! I am MELISSA POTTER and I have been a registered multiple diploma trained Holistic Health Practitioner for 37+ years, with over 15,000+ clinical hours in numerous modalities and consult. Plus I trained as a Yoga Teacher in 2000.

I would be excited to be your Mentor & Coach, if you choose to move forward with me!..


I will help guide you with my 1:1 DIRECT INDIVIDUALIZED FOCUS - to your specific needs. To be able to fully embody holistic health - using practical, simple proactive tips and tools.


I marry modern day neuroscience research with ancient yogic techniques... including breath work, energy/ chakra work, mindset/ empowerment/ manifestation skills, meditation/ mindfulness tools/ guidance...plus using body scans to trace, transform and heal old disassociated cellular areas of trauma.


Also learn inner and outer empathetic communication skills for healthier relationships, boundary's and needs. To learn the ability of clearer embodiment and awareness of what vibrant holistic health and well being truly FEELS like..... including how to self body scan.

I would be humbled to help your healing journey and to help you transform any blocks, stress, overwhelm, panic, anxiety, depression or trauma that you may be experiencing that is stopping you living your TRUE VIBRANT DESTINY, DREAMS & GOALS!!….. 

P. Hillman

"I struggled for many years with PTSD and numerous other ailments as a result - from extreme pain to totally no motivation and in constant brain fog and overwhelm. I am so relieved that I took the plunge and did Melissa's 10 week (extended program course) for more substantial trauma help. Due to her Practitioner experience and knowledge I trusted her and I have 90% less ailments and 95% more energy and mental clarity. I am so eternally grateful!"

Lets Work Together!

1- on -1 Session

Your own 1:1 Zoom Call individualized support & guidance..I have helped many clients who have benefited from these tools – 

I offer you Wellness Alignment/ Strategy Breakthrough Zoom Call’s that are specific and 1:1 to your individual and unique needs. We can define your blocks together. 

I help you with how to properly apply proactive steps to clear, balance and energize, to then help instigate transformation and healing.I just need your 100% commitment for this to work, with my 100% guidance and help!

It is your time to release any ill health, anxiety, panic, stress, trauma, depression, overwhelm or ailments…and to TRULY EMBODY FULL VIBRANT HOLISTIC HEALTH!

8 Week Coaching Program

What Are You Looking to Improve?
Are you looking to transform & empower your life?… 
Are you tired of feeling stuck & overwhelmed in your life?… 
Are you getting constant exhausting ailments?…. ‘

‘EMPOWERED HOLISTIC HEALTH – Embodied Wellbeing’ Coaching Programs are here to provide you with all the tools you need in order to reach personal greater health… to then help empowerment to help you not only live more fully and happily, but to also help you to more clearer manifestation of dreams and goals that YOU DO truly desire!!


About the Programs

My programs are strategically designed so that clients find meaningful and actionable takeaways for their own specific health and empowerment needs. I help you specifically with regular DIRECT & INDIVIDUAL 1:1 SUPPORT – so that you can effectively learn how to literally apply these tools/ skills in your daily health regime.. toward impactful lasting proactive change in your life!!

**MY PROGRAM stands out from other Coaching Programs out there AS IT IS NOT AUTOMATED and INDIVIDUALIZED with a Zoom Call in your Program EVERY week! I directly support YOU!

**Book a Call with me today to see if we are a fit as I need your 100% commitment to your self development & positive future healthy changes IN YOUR LIFE! 


*PLUS: see the Overview Summary of my 8 week Coaching Program. 

Embodied Well Being Coaching Program About Program

8 week Coaching Program Overview/ Summary

Case History Form/ Waiver to fill in & return to me.
Handout – Whole Course Outline
Handout –  What is Holistic Health and it’s balanced qualities?
Handout – Body Intelligence – finding presence through embodiment.
Audio – Welcome to the Program!
Audio – What is Holistic Health & a Body Scan Meditation.
1:1 Zoom Meeting – Personal Consultation
Journaling – Updating / Reflection

Handout – My Top Selfcare Health tips, tools & solutions – how to start applying these to your daily regime.
Handout – What is Journaling?
Handout – Inspirational Life Quotes / Affirmations
1:1 Zoom Meeting – Personal Consultation
Journaling – Updating / Reflection

Handout – Conscious FULL Living at 200% -100% inner/100% outer awareness: Part 1
Handout – Concept of Full Correct Breathing
1:1 Zoom Meeting – Personal Consultation
Journaling – Updating / Reflection

Handout – Meditation & Mindfulness
Handout – Conscious Full Living at 200%: Part II
Audio – Explanation of Mindfulness and meditation.
1:1 Zoom Extended Meeting – Individualized Support/ check in for ‘half way’ – 
Journaling – Updating / Reflection

Handout  – What are Chakra’s and their balanced qualities?
Handout – Pranayama Techniques.
Audio – A Chakra Meditation to guide, balance and heal your Chakras and to help with your awareness around them as energy wheels within your body.
1:1 Zoom Meeting – Personal Consultation
Journaling – Updating / Reflection

Audio – Dropping even deeper within – Body Scan/Meditation
Handout – ‘Clearing etheric ties & aura/ energetic clearing/ protection & grounding.
Handout – Compassionate & Truthful Communication with yourself and with others: Part I
1:1 Zoom Meeting – Personal Consultation
Journaling – Updating / Reflection

Audio – Yoga Nidra/ Deep Relaxation/ Meditation / Your Vision
Handout – Compassionate  & Truthful Communication: Part II
1:1 Zoom Meeting – Personal Consultation
Journaling – Updating / Reflection

Handout – ‘Making Change Stick’ – pro-active steps forward for your application from here!…
Audio – Bringing it ALL together and ANCHORING it into your daily regime.
Recap and summary of the Program’s tools, tips & solutions – for your empowered & embodied holistic health moving forward from here.
Audio – Body Scan Meditation with a final check in moving strongly forward for you…
1:1 Zoom Meeting – Personal Extended Consultation
Journaling – Updating / Reflection


Handout – How unprocessed trauma is stored in the body through the Sympathetic Nervous System / how this can play out in life!
Handout – Disassociation & what this can create, including weight gain and way’s to resolve this. How to get fully embodied and lighter on ALL holistic levels of your being!
Audio – Deeper Scanning, going even deeper into ‘numb’/ disassociated areas.

1:1 Extended Zoom Meeting – Individualized Support/ Scan

Handout – Healing Trauma Safely – how to recognize, titrate and heal trauma safely and carefully.
Audio – Deepening even more – extended body scan/ support
Handout & Audio – Neuroplasticity/ rewiring our neural patterns. Pacing, Resourcing & Grounding Recap. Moving positively forward safely and confidently. Maintaining mindset, mindfulness, application of tools, goals & vision!

1:1 Extended Zoom Meeting – Individualized Support/ Scan

My programs are not only designed to specifically help each individuals needs with a 1:1 call each week for direct live support, you get regular weekly handouts/ homework and with directional audios each week too - all available to guide and mentor you to SUCCESSFUL RESULTS through ALL LEVELS of your life!! 


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